If time could talk...

This year, 2020, seems like a dog year you know? I feel like I've aged 7 years in the span of 10 months. Covid has taken lives, given and taken career opportunities, and shed light on all kinds of problems in the way America has been run.

The Beginning of the End

So, March happened and we found out that COVID-19 is more than just a cold. The WORLD shut down and everyone was sent home. Now that doesn't seem like it would be a problem if it was one or two days for the cleaning crew to disinfect your office space, but the ENTIRE WORLD was sent home, like SHUT DOWN, business closed and mandates we put in place.

So now, schools and daycares are closed, which means that parents have to stay at home. Before you could just ask a friend or who ever to watch your kids for you, but now they have to watch their own kids and the world is telling you that everyone is dangerous to each other.

Grandparents, which are usually the back-up to the back-up for babysitting, are now in danger of getting the deadly virus so they are off-limits to kids because lets face it, kids can be walking germ collectors and you's a DEADLY VIRUS.

So, parents have to either convert to "work-at-home employees", or "un-employed employees". Just imagine having the country now stuck at home, and parents now having to turn into teachers, while trying to figure out who to pay for rent and of course the kids always want to eat, so now you have to brush up your cooking skills because fast food restaurants are shut down and frozen dinners are now just as important as toilet paper.

We are now into Week 3 of no paycheck, and you are looking at an un-employment claim done online that has been sitting in "Under Investigation" while you are on hold with the hotline for the 32nd time! So then you find out that they are taking in-person consultations, in FRANKFORT, but it's a first come first serve type of situation, so you decide to go and see somebody. But then you forget that it's one location for the ENTIRE STATE of KENTUCKY, so the line has a 4-hour wait to even get a number to be seen. So after waiting 7 hours, they tell you to come back tomorrow. Now that the cussing and screaming that you have done in your head has now simmered down, your pack you kids back in the car because, you know, you had to take them with you because you don't have a babysitter, and you figure out if you have enough gas to comeback tomorrow or if you need to just sleep in your car for the night so you can be here the next morning.

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