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Two Hearts, Two Cameras, One Story.

Most times you have to pay extra for a second camera, but with Two Hearts, we bring the extra with us! We are a Husband and Wife team that works together on every project. So you get two times the professionalism and two times the creativity. 


You can have all the confidence in the world, but for some people getting in front of a lens is the same as stage fright. Does my hair look right? Do I have anything in my teeth? Am I going to look crazy in this photo?That’s were the Two Hearts experience is different from all the rest. We treat you just like family, and no one wants their family to go around looking crazy. When you are stressed or nervous, it can show through on your photos, but with us, we try and make sure that the smile we capture, tells a story that you want to share.  WE want you to have an enjoyable experience so that your photos not only look good, but also reflect the uniqueness of you. 

We are Louisville-based photographers offering portraits, headshots, family photos, weddings and

food & product photography.

Two Hearts Media

1300 W. Muhammad Ali #124

Louisville, KY 40202


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